During world war ii, many nations, including the united states,

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During World War II, many nations, including the United States, converted their consumer-goods factories to produce vital products for the war effort.  Today many of those factories still exist but are back to producing consumer goods.

In this exercise, you will prepare a short company history.  Using the Internet and other resources, do research on a consumer-goods company.  A consumer-goods company makes products for personal use or enjoyment (e.g., cars, radios, clothing).  Look for a company that was around before 1945.  Several of today’s larger car and appliance manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of steel, tires, detergents, etc., existed before 1945.

As you come up with ideas, try to find answers to questions such as:

  • What products did the company make before World War II?  During the war?  After?
  • What were working conditions like during the war?  After the war?
  • How did assisting the war effort impact the company?

In a two page paper, write your company history.  Include a reference page to cite any articles or sources you used to prepare your paper.  In addition, you may wish to add a photograph or two.

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