Edit one assigbment due in 8 hours!!!

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You have written an assignment before and I got some feedback. You need to edit it according to the feedback and the guide: https://www.careercontessa.com/advice/5-step-cover-letter/   And then answer four questions!!!

Answer the following questions in a separate document:

  1. How has your letter changed from your draft to the current version? What advice did you receive from your peers?
  2. What are you most pleased about in the revision?
  3. What would you keep working on if you had more time?
  4. How confident do you feel about the professionalism and authenticity you display in this letter?

The feedback:  you have done a great job in writing your cover letter. Having read through the same, I think that you have done great when it comes to your introduction, the body as well as the conclusion. To make your letter outstanding, I think you have to add some of the accomplishments you did while in your past internships, job,s, etc. Lastly, your cover letter should have your address section as well as your name in the closing section. 

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