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I have attached Hans Christian Anderson’s story, “The Little Match Girl” and Fydor Dostoevsky’s story, The Heavenly Christmas Tree”…and in the paper, please tell what these stories are about…and connect them by theme to Le Guin’s “Those Who Walk Away from Omalas” and Wilde’s “The Happy Prince” Give plot details from all these stories and tell what they have in common. What are the authors saying to their readers? What are they asking us to notice? How do these stories relate to the universal maxim: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? This paper needs to be typed, double spaced and at least two or three pages or more. Please do not look up summaries of these stories online and do not look at what critics have to say about these stories. If you do consult outside sources, then make sure that you document your sources and tell me who said what from where.

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