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Sometimes artists use the work of other artists as a source of inspiration. In this assignment, you will choose a poem written by a poet who was inspired by another artist’s work. Your task is to analyze the poem and determine what the poet is saying about the original painting or movie that inspired the poem.


The purpose of this paper is to test your ability to examine the structure and language of the poem, to explicate the importance of its lines to the overall meaning of the poem, and to evaluate the poem and work of art that inspired it.  This paper will also test your ability to do background research on different artists and their work.

 “The Starry Night (Links to an external site.)” by Anne Sexton – based on “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh

^^^ use that poem to write the critique essay 

Step 3:  Write your essay. 

 Basics:  @ 1,000 word/Double spaced/12-point type

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