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Compose a three-paragraph satirical essay by addressing the following questions on the above linked DB. Answer each question in complete sentences with appropriate details and use of irony.

  1. What is the problem? (what idea or concept do you wish to present and criticize)
  2. What is the solution?

Please make sure to use irony, at least 7-9 sentences per paragraph at the minimum.  


Liberalism reigned throughout the 19th century. It was the economic and political ideology of the United Kingdom, the most power country in the world, the United States, the budding international power, and countless other countries. However, it faced a period of deep crisis in the end of the 19th century. The 19th century had experienced a dramatic increase in population, a new kind of city with large amounts of factory and industrial workers. The new wealth and opportunity was impressive, but it was not equally available to everybody, and a new mass society was more powerful than it had ever been. The influence of the press spread further than ever before, and with it new demands were made on society. Liberalism was challenged by increased government intervention. Cities were expected to build new public works, better transportation, libraries, museums, schools, and other services. Workers clamored for more rights. 
This week write about the impact of these three things: widely circulated printed goods, massive political parties, and the Second Industrial Revolution. Explain how each of them reshaped Europe. What countries benefited the most? What countries suffered? Who were the leaders?

Discussion board for history does not have to be in any specific format, but has to be 350 words at the minimum.  Needs to address all questions posted above and have some elaboration to it.

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