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Your major assignment for this module will be to create a work of fiction. Choose one of the options below and compose a fictional narrative that makes clear use of each of the elements of fiction (character, plot, conflict, point of view, setting, style, symbol). This is a draft—remember to have fun. Experiment. Take risks. Let your imagination run away with things for a bit. 

  • Option 1: Compose a story that features a vile character who does terrible things whom the reader must feel sympathetic to
  • Option 2: Compose a story that features a sympathetic character who is fundamentally good but does a horrible thing
  • Option 3: Compose a story told from the point of view of a non-human animal

Assignment Requirements

  • This assignment should be 750 words in length, using Times New Roman size 12pt font and double spacing.


For many writers, the first attempt at an intro is just an attempt to figure out what we want to write about. It’s fleshing out a variety of concepts and ideas. Now that you have an intro for your first assignment, please cut and paste the introduction into a separate document. For this exercise, you are asked to write two different beginnings to your fiction piece, utilizing a variety of perspectives, dialogue, and the climax of the story. You can choose whatever ways you’d like to re-write the introduction but experiment with the various techniques you’d learned from your readings this week.

  • Once completed, post your original intro in one discussion post
  • Post your two new introductions in two separate discussion posts—you will have a total of three initial posts
  • Your reply to peers will consist of your “liking” the introduction that you like best
  • Check back to see which of your introductions your classmates “liked”

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