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We had agreed upon email, that EXCEPTIONAL PROFF will assist me. 

Basics: Write a 2 page paper in a reasonable font and Use specific examples from the sources that you read for last week. BE SURE to use footnotes to indicate where you got your examples!

Remember that the goal of this paper is to practice supporting your answer to the question asked with the primary sources that we have read in this class.  Make sure that you have a clear, one sentence answer to the question asked and that you provide primary source evidence for in the body of the essay.  Be sure that you explain how your evidence proves your main thesis.


The Question: In the primary source readings for weeks 1, 2, and 3, you have read sources from Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, from Pre-Islamic Arabian religion, and also from the Quran.  You have seen several different accounts of the conquest and also from the early Islamic community under the “Rightly-Guided” Caliphs, the Umayyad state, and the Abbasids.  These readings have touched on religious, political, cultural, and social issues.  Pick one of these aspects, and using ONLY the primary source documents, answer the following question: what changes after Muhammad and what stays the same?  Would you say that the early Islamic Middle East is a big break from the Byzantine, Sassanian, and Pre-Islamic Arabian Middle East or is it really a continuation?


Sources: The Formation of Islam by Jonathon Berkey, If you need to you can use websites that must be credible because i will be turning in the paper through an online plagiarism database. I attached more sources as PDF documents. Thank you so much! 


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