Heart disease assignment | Biology homework help

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Click on the link below to complete your personal risk factor calculator. Write a summary of your Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors after completing the assessment and reading the risk factor information in your textbook. Include the questions into your summary. Attach the screenshots (blood pressure) and (Final Assessment number from the quiz.) There are no right or wrong answers for your assessment! This is personalized with YOU in mind…

This assignment requires you to take your blood pressure and record your measurements. You may have this done at almost any pharmacy or store that has a blood pressure machine. Be sure to screenshot your blood pressure as a requirement for this assignment. You will need this in order to complete the risk factor calculator adequately. 

Once you have completed the below assessment; take a screenshot of your result. Complete the 3 required sections below as part of your summary. Send as a word document with ONE file. Submit in the assignment link.


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