HI150 Automation of Health Information

Category: Information System


Unit outcomes addressed in this discussion:

Take part in the planning, design, selection, implementation, integration, testing, evaluation, and support of health information technologies.

  • Evaluate system architecture, database design, data warehousing.Identify diagnosis information necessary for ICD-10-CM coding within the health record.

Course outcome addressed in this discussion:

HI150-2: Outline the critical stages of developing a health information system. 

Participation Expectations: Please engage on this topic throughout the unit by posting one main response by Saturday and two reply posts by the end of the unit. Your main post to the discussion should contain about 100-150 words, with no more than 10% quoting, and all sources cited with a reference list in APA style. Each reply post should contain about 50–75 words—use of APA style as needed.

Discussion Topic: The Electronic Health Record and Data Quality

1.  After reviewing the examples of the electronic health record (EHRs) and simulations in Unit 3, identify how the EHR helps improve data quality.

2.  Review the various data elements that were collected in the demo simulations that you reviewed and how or if they would be gathered in the CDI program developed in the Unit 4 assignment.

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