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For this week’s blog assignment, please answer the following questions in at least 350 words minimum:

1) According to the “California Native Perspectives” video, how does the way California Missions are typically taught differ from California Native perspectives? What solution is provided? Please provide specific quotes and examples from the video to support your response.

2) Describe the story of what’s happening in the “Lying to Children about the California Missions and the Indians” article.  What does the author ultimately argue?

3) Describe the story of what’s happening in the “The San Diego Mission and Kumeyaay Revolt.” What does the author ultimately argue? How was the author’s daughter’s mission report “decolonizing”?

4) Reflect on your prior experiences learning about the California Missions. Were you taught about the California Missions previously? If so, where did you learn about them and how was the subject taught? Discuss your overall thoughts/reactions based on this week’s California Mission materials.

5) According to the Preface and Introduction in our textbook, how was the textbook for our class created? Why might this be significant?

6) Why is our textbook be written in three languages? Why might this be significant?

7) According to the Preface, what does the term “rhetorical sovereignty” mean? Also, how does this key term connect to our textbook?

After you’ve submitted your initial post, don’t forget to also respond to a peer’s post in at least 150 words minimum!

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