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Poetry, Philosophy in Music and Art; and Color Analysis” Please respond to one (1) of the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:

  • Poetry and Philosophy heavily influenced music at this time.  Especially in reference to Debussy and Mahler.  Do review their works below and discuss how you see either composer inspired by poetry and/or by philosophy after listening to works by each after reading about them. How would you relate this to today?  Do poetry and philosophy shape contemporary artists?  Discuss what types of things inspire you to ‘create’ and why?
  • Describe two (2) color paintings by different artists (selected from the list or sources in the Explore section below) that you believe represent the quote by Kandinsky on the subject of color in art from our readings. Justify your response by directly relating to his work, Concerning the Spiritual in Art. Do you see any of these ideas for the use of color and its impact in today’s world? in social media? visual culture examples on ‘colors’ impact? Do share a modern example!
  • How does Poetry define modernism at this time in history?  Use a specific example from our readings this week, and the impact of Modernism style in Paris to support your analysis.  Think about ‘why Paris’…
  • How did the modernist styles play a role at this time in shaping or defining current thought? Picking one specific visual art style: Cubism, Fauvism, Futurism, German Expressionism; discuss its cultural influence, and larger impact on modernism.  Is there an artist today that applies this style?  Remember, it does not have to be a literal interpretation, but you can see style connections today?


Debussy and Mahler

Kandinsky on Color

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