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Your analysis papers will analyze a specific topic in Greek or Roman history directly relevant to the time periods covered in this course and how this particular topic shaped that civilization. You will support that analysis with the inclusion of primary and secondary sources from these time periods that offer evidence about the past. These papers are not opinion papers and should not contain your opinion on the events. They should contain your analysis of the topic using a variety of sources to provide appropriate perspective on the context of that topic as well as the objectivity of your analysis. Your paper will also include a works cited section with a mix of at least three primary and secondary sources.


 Approaching the Sources in Your Analysis

Remember that your sources can be primary sources such as an archeological artifact, a piece of literature, or original writing, as well as secondary resources about the event. Be sure to read the specific source closely. Read it a first time, then a second, and even a third if necessary. As you review the source, ask yourself questions:


·         Who is the author and what is his or her place in society?

·         What is the purpose of the piece? Why was it written?

·         What values or ideas are behind the content in the source? How are they different from my own?

·         Is the piece credible? Why or why not?

·        Can the piece be used to support a historical debate? Why or why not?



Analysis paper assignments should follow these formatting guidelines: Use of three sources, 2 to 3 pages (not including the bibliography section), double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and citations in Turabian format.








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