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Discussion Week 09 – Historical Memes

We all love memes, and memes are a great way to communicate. It also gives us an opportunity to analyze historical facts, visualize, and interpret them. For this discussion, you will use historical images and create an historically accurate meme on any of the following topics in Chapter 9: “Democracy in America”. Then write a brief paragraph explaining your meme. Respond to at least one other meme.

  1. The Missouri Crisis
  2. Andrew Jackson
  3. The Bank War
  4. The Nullification Crisis
  5. The Eaton Affair
  6. The Panic of 1837
  7. The Whig Party
  • How do I get the images? Google the topic and find the image you’d like to use. Then write the meme. You can write on the image or below (you don’t need to use a meme generator). Finally, submit it and the explanation to the discussion board. Use the “Insert stuff” icon (the white arrow in the small black box on the top left) to upload the image. Please cite your sources for the images.

For example:

“Believes in the strict interpretation of the Constitution…purchases Louisiana!

Explanation: Thomas Jefferson believed in the strict interpretation of the Constitution, and he was against Alexander Hamilton creating the First National Bank, as there was nothing in the Constitution about it – Hamilton used  a loose interpretation of the “elastic clause” to validate creating the bank. When Jefferson became president of the United States in 1800, he was given the opportunity to buy the Louisiana territory from Napoleon. This type of situation is not mentioned Constitution, but Jefferson went ahead and bought the land, bypassing Congress in the process. He used the same “elastic clause” as validation.


  • Please, please, please don’t copy off the internet – this is YOUR own creation – be proud of your own work.
  • Please also make sure the picture represents the time period mentioned in the textbook chapter and is historically accurate.

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