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History 103 questions 

  • Choose 3 
  • Be thorough in your response.  Make a CLAIM, support it with at least 3 examples/evidence, and conclude with a brief analysis (why does this matter). 
  • Length: 1-2 pages per response. Single spaced is fine. 

Choose just THREE of the following questions. Use assigned course readings, activities, and notes.

  1. How are Romanticism and Nationalism linked? In other words, why do they so often occur together? What are the consequences of these two “isms”?
  2. Compare the role of women in and after WWI in both the western democracies (Britain, France, the US, for example) AND the USSR.  What changed for women in both regions? What did not change? 
  3. Compare the similarities and differences between Fascism, Communism, and Socialism, either politically or economically. Use examples from course material.
  4. Compare the causes and consequences of both WWI and WWII. 
  5. How is genocide an extreme example of Nationalism? Use the Holocaust and other genocides as the basis of your response. 
  6. How has Capitalism shaped modern Western societies?

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