How and why life began in the early oceans.

Category: Science

Answer the questions below in a minimum of 300 words in apa format with references and cite them.


Life on Earth evolved in the ocean and it may have been “seeded” in the oceans but comets or meteors splashing into those ancient oceans. Life existed in the ocean for almost 3 billion years BEFORE it moved out on to land.
Respond to the following:
A)What might comets and/or meteors have had that might have “seeded” life in the oceans? (They did NOT bring whole organisms like bacteria).
B)What had to happen on Earth before life could move out of the oceans (the crust of the Earth had long since have cooled off).Hint it had to do with the conversion of the atmosphere due to photosynthesis.
Remember that life existed in the oceans for almost 3 billion years before it spread on to land (both plant and animal). Also PLANTS existed for about 2 billion years before the first animals evolved. Think about the biological differences between plants & animals and that is the key to this question.

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