How do each of the documents (lu xun, mao zedong, tao yi, and shi

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Must be at least one paragraph   MUST BE FINISHED AND POSTED WITHIN 3 HOURS.

How do each of the documents (Lu Xun, Mao Zedong, Tao Yi, and Shi Pingmei)

understand women’s status and how are they different from the earlier views of Zou Rong,

Chen Xiefen, and Liang Qichao?

Be detailed and answer the question exactly. Do not trail off-topic listing unrelated things. Dont just list items from the readings, answer the question properly by relating the info in the reading to each other and how they differ from the previous readings. 

ALL READINGS ARE PROVIDED. Attached are the readings in the same order as listed, and named according to the names provided in the question. please read and write thoroughly 

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