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Critical Analysis

Individual Paper: Critical Analysis

A critical analysis is an analytical study of a scholarly journal article relevant to required course readings and class work. Be mindful that journal articles are scholarly sources and not just any article located on the Internet that might be based upon opinion only and subject to bias. While there are a plethora of applicable journals, two examples of scholarly journals might be the Journal of Business Ethics or the Journal of Business & Management. Preferably, the subject and content will be from your personal work experience as it pertains to the course you are taking and will address issues currently facing human resource managers in the workplace. Please go to the City U online library to select your scholarly journal article. The Ask-A-Librarian feature is very helpful. The work selected for review must have been published within the last three years. The paper should be at least 6 pages in length and include a title page, abstract page, and a reference page as well as follow proper APA format. 

A critical analysis, at a minimum, will address:

  • Relevance of the article to course content;
  • Analysis of the logic and completeness of the author’s argument and one which includes a discussion of the article’s strengths and weaknesses;
  • Your logical bases of agreement or disagreement with key issues or points stated in the article;
  • Additional scholarly support substantiating your arguments and responses to the article.

After uploading your assignment to this Blackboard Assignment check the box next to Plagiarism Tools to add your paper to the Global Reference Database. Adding your paper to the Global Reference Database will project your intellectual property from future plagiarism at CityU and other institution that use SafeAssign by insuring that you are given credit for original work.

Also, you are submitting your paper to SafeAssign (plagiarism prevention tool) to make sure you have properly attributed your sources. You have two attempts to submit your paper. You can review your first submission, make corrections and then submit for final grading by your instructor. 

I have attached the textbook and the two periodicals I selected.

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