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Instructions: Write a 7 – 10 page paper over the following scenario:

You are the the store manager of a large Walmart Supercenter. You are being asked to identify your knowledge of risk management as it relates to a store that you manage and the company as a whole. The store that you manage has 300 employees. As a result, the risks that you identify in this paper would be exactly similar to risks that you would face as a manager of a local Walmart supercenter in your area and as a corporation as a whole.

The essay should be written in APA format and you should include AT LEAST 15 key terms from our reading material to support your thoughts. (I want you to underline and bold the key terms that you use. This will allow me to quickly identify that you have used the required material in your paper.)

You should answer the following in your paper:

1. Introduction of your paper should be a risk management policy statement.

The following is an example of a risk management policy statement for the Big Box Retail Corporation:

The Big Box Retail Corporation Office of Risk Management is responsible for administering a program to protect and preserve human, physical, and financial assets. In this capacity the Risk Management Department solicits quotations for property, liability, and surety coverages, as well as compiling and processing insurance claims. Management of this program is accomplished by identifying potential human, physical, financial and natural losses and then determining the best method available to handle the risk, whether that is through risk avoidance, risk prevention, risk assumption or risk transfer.

2. Describe the steps in the risk management process at Walmart. (This should be your second paragraph)

3. What are ten potential risks that you might identify in the store that YOU manage and to the company as a whole (Remember to use the annual report and the 10-K report that is in the reading material in our classroom as a guideline).

Break down the risks by the risk categories that we have discussed in the class- EX: Pure/Speculative, Diversifiable/non diversifiable, Enterprise Risk, Operational and Project Risk. Then write a separate paragraph for each of the ten risks that you identify-Provide a general overview of the risk and what you have learned about that risk in our class.

In each section/paragraph about the risks that you identify, you should also answer the following about each risk:

1. What types of risks are these? How would you measure or analyze the risks? (Use our text and outside sources in the library to answer this question)

2. What are the sources of information that you could use as a manager to identity the risks in your store and as a company as a whole? Explain what they are and how you would use them.

3. What are the techniques that you would consider for each individual risk? Why? (Example: You could talk about property risk and the insurance transfer process, you could talk about commodity risk and how you could hedge the risk to peg your costs.

Finally, make sure that you address the following somewhere in your paper:

Explain the meaning of risk control. Make sure that you explain how some of the terms relate to the store that you manage and in the company as a whole:

1. Avoidance

2. Loss prevention

3. Loss reduction

Paper Requirements:

A. Title Page

B. Introductory Paragraph

C. Font and Spacing – Use Arial or Times New Roman 12 pitch font with double spaced lines.

D. Reference Page – Include all sources on a Reference page. Academic sources from the online library and our course content are expected! Do not rely on internet sources.

E. Utilize the APA Style for the review and to documenting sources. DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON!

F. Punctuation, essay format (thesis, supporting paragraphs with transition and topic sentences, and summary) grammar and documentation count toward your grade.

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