I have 10 simple questions about drugs that i need help with

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hello there 

I have 10 simple questions about drugs that I need help with 

1                  Explain the temperance movement in America. Discuss concept for alcohol addiction.

2                  Discuss the connection between alcohol use, crime and violent behavior.

3                  Explain 2 causes for concern related to smoking tobacco.

4                  Caffeine is the most commonly used psychoactive drug; what is the behavioral effect of caffeine?

5                  Distinguish over-the counter verses prescription drug, list 2 reasons for prescription only medication.

6                  What is the therapeutic use of aspirin?

7                  Explain the beneficial purpose of morphine and other opioids.

8                  What is the medical use for marijuana?

9                    Explain the treatment breakthrough for treating opioid with Suboxone.

10               Should marijuana be legalized for medical purpose? Please give your opinion.

BTW the due date and time is today Jun 24 at 3 PM eastern time in USA


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