Category: Geography

 need to write journals. 

the first one is about 

Geografiska Annaler. Series B, Human Geography’

the second is about 

Geographical Review. 

each journals must has at leas 250 words 

I attached the articles.  


here is the instructions  

Ideally, you will find a relatively recent (i.e., within the past couple of decades) article about some aspect of the global sustainability (i.e., environmental issues) for the place that you have studied this semester for our class assignments.  You can do this by simply navigating to one of the above journals and then searching within that title using the name of the place/country.  If that journal doesn’t happen to have any relevant articles on your place/country, you could just try another journal.  If you don’t happen to find any relevant articles on your place/country, you are welcome to choose an article that focuses on someplace else or a sustainability concept in general.  Make sure that you choose an actual journal article (not a book review)–articles are typically 10-20 pages in length.   Also, make sure that you are using an article for which you can actually read the entire article–not just its abstract (i.e., summary).  You should be given an option of either reading the entire article online or downloading a full-text PDF copy.

After reading the article, write a one page (at least 250 words) response in which you discuss what you found most interesting about it and how it connects with one or more topics from our class.  You MUST also include a full bibliographic citation of the article in your response paper in order to qualify for full extra credit.

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