MAT 540 WK 4 Assignment 2 – Internet Field Trip

Category: Mathematics

Assignment: Internet Field Trip

1.      Research: Research at least six (6) information sources on forecasting methods; take notes and record and interpret significant facts, meaningful graphics, accurate sounds and evaluated alternative points of view.

2.      Preparation: Produce as storyboard with thumbnails of at least ten (10) slides. Include the following elements:

·         Title of slide, text, background color, placement & size of graphic, fonts – color, size, type for text and headings

·         Hyperlinks (list URLs of any site linked from the slide), narration text, and audio files (if any)

·         Number on slides clear

·         Logical sequence to the presentation

3.      Content: Provide written content with the following elements:

·         Introduction that presents the overall topic (clear sense of the project’s main idea) and draws the audience into the presentation with compelling questions or by relating to the audience’s interests or goals.

·         accurate, current

·         clear, concise, and shows logical progression of ideas and supporting information

·         motivating questions and advanced organizers

·         drawn mainly from primary sources

4.      Text Elements: Slides should have the following characteristics:

·         fonts are easy-to-read; point size that varies appropriately for headings and text

·         italics, bold, and indentations enhance readability

·         background and colors enhance the readability of text

·         appropriate in length for the target audience; to the point

5.      Layout: The layout should have the following characteristics:

·         visually pleasing

·         contributes to the overall message

·         appropriate use of headings, subheadings and white space

6.      Media: The graphics, sound, and/or animation should

·         assist in presenting an overall theme and enhance understanding of concept, ideas and relationships

·         have original images that are created using proper size and resolution; enhance the content

·         Have a consistent visual theme.

7.      Citations: The sources of information should:

·         properly cited so that the audience can determine the credibility and authority of the information presented


·         be properly formatted according to APA style

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