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Here is the text of “Medea” by the ncient Greek dramatist, Euripides.  You will have to read this plat in order to write your essay, because my thesis question asks you to follow Medea’s evolving plot for revenge against her husband, Jason.  Therefore as you read through the play, you will see that Medea’s thinking evolves in that direction, changing as the play progresses. 

You will see that this play is emotionally powerful.  In fact, it is unbelievable what happens here.  So, remember…as you read through this, take notes, especially when Medea is speaking to others, because she is a real plotter.  Eventually she knows exactly what she wants to accomplish and how she wishes to do so.  As the play progresses, so does her plan to get ultimate revenge.  That is what you will be writing about in your essay.

Medea essayYou will write your essay on a separate Word document and submit it as an attachment (your last name_Medea).  
You will write a minimum three page essay, using a minimum of  4 -5 quotations (or more) from the text of the play focusing on the following analysis or theme:  

Medea’s final plan for revenge is not clearly announced until fairly late in the play:   Analyze the formation in her mind of the decision to carry out her  MOST  wicked deed. You may have to read the play and then look for the references to her plan afterwards.  Or, you could read the play a second time with the idea of examining the text for this formation of a plan in her mind as the play moves forward.  It’s pretty clear that Medea is a complicated personality and that she does plan ahead in order to have the most powerful effect that she can on Jason.  In today’s words, one could say that Medea has severe “anger management” issues.

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