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Explain how Matthew edited/changed Mark’s Gospel for each of the following passages, and what reasons would he have had for doing that? What in Mk’s version was Mt trying to avoid – i.e., why he might have viewed Mk’s material as misleading, incorrect, or problematic? How did those changes contribute to Matthew’s overall message? How did that link up with other parts of Mt’s message? 

Use both the following two sets of passages to support your claim, making use ONLY of the resources below, the Bible, textbooks and Module resources.
1. How did Matthew edit/change Mark 6:45-52 to produce Matthew 14:22-33 – and why?
2. How did Matthew edit/change Mark 9:2-10 to produce Matthew 17:1-13 – and why?

The paper should 350-750 words in length, double-spaced, and using MLA formatting for reference citations and bibliography. Submit the completed assignment to the appropriate Dropbox by no later than Sunday 11:59 PM Eastern.

Resources for this paper:

See the ebook via SLU library: New Testament History and Literature by Martin (2012), pp. 83-88,105-108.

See the ebook via SLU library: The Gospels by Barton and Muddiman (2010), p. 53,56-57,102,109.

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