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Students are to go to the following website:

Enter the following title into the search engine: Marcus Garvey…Back to Africa Movement Unrealized (AKA Moses). This video is approximately 2 hours in length. There will be 5 questions to answer. 

1. Does Marcus Garvey’s ideology mimic MLK Jr. or Malcolm X? (In order to answer this question fully you will need to watch video #3(B).)

2. Do you feel that Marcus Garvey’s view that Afro Americans should build up their own business, properties, & overall wealth was idealistic & farfetched or pragmatic & visionary for a man in the early 20th century? 


3. Why do you think the U.S. Government goes after Black Americans when they develop a following whether for a nonviolent or violent purpose? 

4. Do you believe Marcus Garvey was egotistical & was a hypocrite in how he handled his followers money?

5. Do you feel that Marcus Garvey’s ego, thirst for power, & refusal to take advice was the cause of his downfall or was it that he was betrayed by members of UNIA & attacked by J. Edgar Hoover? 




Students are to go to the following website:

Enter the following title into the search engine: Malcolm X: Make it Plain.

This video is approximately 2 hrs, 18 minutes in length. There will be 10 questions to answer.



1. How does Malcolm X speeches contradict to MLK Jrs.?



2. What does the Nation of Islam believe? Does it preach hate or reality?

3. What was Malcolm X family background and where & how did they live? 

4. Do you feel if MLK Jrs. childhood had mirrored more of the tragedies like Malcolm X experienced, do you think he still would have adopted a nonviolent posture? 

5. Do you agree/disagree that there is a level of violence against Black Americans from White Police Officers that still occurs today? 

6. Are you surprised from the weakness to womanize from Elijah Muhammad and MLK Jr? Were they both hypocritical? 

7. Do you believe Malcolm X suffered from being a grandiose leader or did he just lose touch with the original mission due to outside factors and pressures from the Nation of Islam? 

8. Do you feel in the 60’s White America was threatened by the intelligence & eloquence of both MLK Jr. & Malcolm X? Do you feel the same occurs today? 

9. How do you feel regarding Malcolm X stance on confronting/charging the United Nations with treatment against African Americans? 

10. Whom do you believe had a greater impact on social justice for African Americans, MLK Jr. or Malcolm X? State why in detail. 


Students are to go to the following website:

Enter the following into the search engine: Black Panther Party. 

Read this entire webpage**Students are to then scroll down to the Ten Point Program of the BPP. There will be 1 question regarding this program **I highly recommend that all students adhere to reading all that is contained on this webpage. Every students logged in time will be reviewed!

Notice: 1. After reviewing the BPP Ten Point Program, pick 5 and elaborate if what the BPP is asking for was realistic then and could this still be achieved now? 


Students are to go to the following website:

Enter the following title into the search engine: Bobby Seale Speech.

This video is approximately 4:59 minutes in length. There will be 1 question.

1. What is your opinion on Bobby Seale’s short speech? In his mantra, “Power to the People”, do you think people of color have any power today?




 Students are to go to the following website:

Enter the following TWO VIDEOS (1 at a time) into the search engine: Geraldo vs. Head Black Panther, Very Explosive Interview. AND Geraldo vs. Head Black Panther, Very Explosive Interview (Part 2). 

The first video is approximately 9:41 minutes in length & the second video is approximately 2:57 minutes. There will be 3 questions to answer. 



1. Is “White suffering” the same as “Black suffering” as quoted by Malik Shabazz? What is your opinion? 

2. Do you agree/disagree with Geraldo Rivera’s statement that, “Reparation is the same Welfare Programs that has turned a generation into unproductive people.”

Definition of Reparation: The Act or process of making amends for a wrong. Something done or money paid to make amends or compensate for a wrong. i.e. (How the U.S. paid out close to 1.6 Billion in the late 90’s to Japanese Americans that had been taken to Internment Camps during WWII. (Families were separated, homes & businesses were confiscated and never returned). Also, the genocide that the U.S. directed upon the American Native Indians. 

 3. Do you agree/disagree with Malik Shabazz that Geraldo Rivera is a “Sellout to his people & is also part of the problem? 






In honor of Black History Month, Week #3 & #4 videos will honor some historic individuals.

Students are to go to the following website:

Enter the following title into the search engine: Martin Luther King Jr. The Man and the Dream. This video is approximately 59 minutes in length. There will be 6 questions to answer.

1. When and where was MLK Jr. born?

2. From what socio-economic class did MLK Jr. stem? How did this contrast to his parents upbringing? 



3.  What was MLK Jrs. Fathers’ philosophy on raising his son?

4. What was MLK Jr. awakening at Morehouse College?

5. How productive were MLK Jr. methods of nonviolent protests?

6. In your opinion, does MLK Jr. being a womanizer tarnish his image? Is this a contradiction to being a Nobel Prize Winner Recipient?



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