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The Presentation

The presentation will give you a chance to practice presenting your compelling topic to a wider audience. Think of it as a presented (and compressed) form of the final project. You’ll still want to start the presentation out with something compelling and then transition to a discussion of how your topic is meaningful in a wider social context. Finally you’ll talk briefly about what kind of research is being done on the topic and what you think can or should be done concerning the topic.

How you present this information will be up to you. You can either stand in front of the class and discuss your topic, or you can record yourself (in audio or video) discussing the topic and present this to the class. The presentation can take the form of a traditional presentation aided by PowerPoint slides, a short YouTube video, an audio recording with visual accompaniment, or any other format that interests you and which you think will interest the class. However, whatever form it takes, the presentation must meet the following basic requirements.


  • The presentation must be no less than 3 minutes long and no more than 5 minutes long.

  • You must speak (or be recorded speaking) continuously throughout the presentation.

  • The presentation must be delivered in class.

  • You must include three visuals in the presentation, one of which must be a visual depiction of numerical data.

  • You must be available to answer questions for the Q&A session after your presentation.

Rubric for the Presentation

The A Presentation: Will provide a compelling, informative, and meaningful overview of the topic, its social context, and the current research on it, will be presented clearly and confidently, will display the evidence of careful preparation and planning, will use 3 interesting and appropriate visuals, and will be squarely within the time limits.

The B+ Presentation: Will provide an informative overview of the topic, its social context, and a meaningful overview of current research, will be presented clearly, will show evidence of thoughtful work, will use 3 appropriate visuals, may go slightly over the time limit.

The B- Presentation: Will provide some informative details on the topic but may not have a clearly developed social context or a meaningful discussion of current research, will be presented, will show evidence of some prior preparation, will have at least 3 visuals, may go well over the time limit.

The C Presentation: Will show a clear lack of effort and little prior preparation. Will be under 3 minutes.

The Q&A Session

Each presenter will get a 3 minute Q&A Session where the class will ask questions about the topic presented. This will be an opportunity to get a sense of what interests the general reader, and what kind of information you will need to provide in your final project.

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