Oraganizational theory: the multiple perspective on organizational

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The Question To Be Answered:

‘What managers most often want to know about their organization’s culture is how to change it. Regardless of the perspective adopted, all organization culture researchers acknowledge that top managers are powerful members of an organization’s culture. And, because power grants them a disproportionate share of attention, their behavior becomes a role model for others, their words are carefully attended, and their directives are obeyed. But what is recommended to managers on the basis of culture theory differs markedly according to the perspectives adopted’ (Hatch and Cunliffe, 2013: 185).


Choose two of the four perspectives and discuss their different views on organisational culture and how their advice to managers who are seeking to influence organisational culture might be different.

  • The four perspectives are Modernism, Critical Theory, Symbolic Interpretive and Postmodernism.
  • I would pefer if focused on Modernism and Symbolic Interpretive.
  • Required word count 2000 words excluding the references.


Required readings (located on blackboard site):


1.Chapter 6 and pp 311-318 (Hatch and Cunliffe)


2.Fleming, P and Spicer, A. (2003) ‘Working at a cynical distance: Implications for power, subjectivity and resistance’


3.Wilson, F. (2014) ‘Chapter 11: Culture’ in Organisational Behaviour and Work, pp. 224-241.


4.Xu, Y., and Weller, P., Inside the World Bank, “The Staff and Their organizational Culture”, pp. 74-82.


Recommended readings (located on blackboard site):


1.Martin, J. & Frost, P. 2012, ‘Chapter 30: The organisational culture war games’ in Gittell, Jody Hoffer., Godwyn, Mary & Gittell, Jody Hoffer, Sociology of organizations : structures and relationships, Pine Forge Press/Sage, Thousand Oaks, Calif., pp. 315-336


2.Zhang, C. & Iles, P. 2014, ‘Chapter 11:Organisational culture’ in Rees, Gary & Smith, Paul, Strategic human resource management : an international perspective, SAGE, Los Angeles, pp. 383-439.

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