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Compose a full analysis essay on Carl Von Clausewitz’ .. (FILE ATTACHED BELOW)

1) Include two types of analysis
– compare and contrast, argumentation, prescription, proscribe, etc.
– ideas can be internal analysis ,external analysis ,or one of each
2) Use sections 2, 4, 11, 23, 24, 25 and/or 26 as the basis for analysis

**Essay is graded on structure, clarity of writing, and completeness of analysis


  • Clausewitz’ ideas are relevant for United States policy today.  By investigating current national security topics such as ________, __________, and _________, it can be shown that there is a political object to war.  Furthermore the political object will be related to larger U.S. foreign policy objectives.  Lastly, a determination will be made if the conflicts and potential conflicts are emotionally driven or politically driven. 


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