Read and annotate: more than the great wall, part 1 (document (1) pdf

Category: Questions

I like to advise you to read the instructions carefully:

We will grade your comments by the number and consistency of your comments, the depth of your consideration, clarification of terms or concepts, engagements with other students, and the originality of your comments. Please see the social annotation rubric attached for details.

Good participation includes (but is not limited to): inserting new ideas for discussion, responding to others’ ideas, posing questions, highlighting interesting paragraphs to share, explaining a tricky concept, offering an informed opinion, and bringing in additional resources. This may involve defining new words to you, providing links to related resources, and reflecting on the linkages between different readings and lectures.

Aim for variation in the content and timing of your comments. If you always comment early, then try commenting later so that at least some of your comments build on those of others without responses. If you’re always coming into the conversation at the last minute, try coming in earlier sometimes so that others can respond to you. Ideally, you come in and out a couple of different times to look at others’ responses and your comments.

How to clarify a term: It does not mean much if you merely google the word and paste it on You should explain how the definition of the word helps you understand the author’s argument better. So please do not simply stick a “def” and past the dictionary definition behind it. Please explain how looking up the word helps you understand the passage better.

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