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Topic: legalization of marijuana 

1-main thesis: due date 04/26  20 hours form today simply post the thesis of your research paper, making sure it presents the main point of your argument in a clear, grammatically correct statement. 

2-Research paper: due date 05/02  Students will produce a specific, unified, developed, organized, and coherent research paper of 2000-2400 words using at least EIGHT sources, both print and non-print. Students will show competency in a research paper process of choosing and narrowing topics, collecting sources from indexes, creating a working bibliography, taking notes from sources, using sources in proper MLA formats, and providing proper documentation for those sources. Sources must be credible and come from a variety of fields.  You must include at least THREE SOURCES from scholarly periodicals. Other sources may include books, magazines, newspapers, websites, personal interviews, TV shows/documentaries etc. 

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