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 “Shrek” has all the makings of a fairy tale: there are fairies, talking animals, royalty, and villains. However, there is a plot twist that the movie puts on all the familiar stories. In class, you have identified a villain and determined what makes a princess and a prince. Now in this writing assignment, pick one of the following characters: Shrek, Princess Fiona and Lord Farquaad and compare these characters with their fairytale counterparts; the monster/villain, the princess and the prince, respectively. Are there any similarities? Explain how your character of choice is different than Disney’s definition of what it means to be royalty or a monster. Are there any similarities? Be sure to make references to the film and one of the fairytales posted on Blackboard to support your answer. Word Count: minimum is 300 (go over, you are not limited)  

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