statistic question

Category: Mathematics

Class, answer the following question:
The Student Services office did a survey of 200 students in which they asked if the student is part-time or full-time. Another question asked whether the student was a transfer student. The results follow.

                      Transfer              Non-Transfer            Row Totals
Part-Time         60                         20                                80
Full-Time          30                         90                              120
Column Totals   90                        110                             200

If a student is selected at random (from this group of 200 students), find the probability that:

a) The student is a transfer student. P (Transfer)
b) The student is a part-time student. P (Part-time)
c) The student is a transfer and not part-time student. P (Transfer and Full-Time)
d) The student is a transfer or a full-time student. P (Transfer or Full-Time)
e) The student is part-time, given the student is a transfer student. P (Part-time, given Transfer Status)

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