Term paper on art | History homework help

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APA style


Page 1 – Title Page


Page 2-5 – Body (minimum four pages, must include an introduction and conclusion)


Page 6 – References


Your paper should include the following:


  1. A title page;

  2. A discussion of chosen thesis;

  3. Art works by your selected artist as they relate to your thesis;

  4. A References page listing no less than four (4) sources cited in the paper.



Your paper must be written to the thesis.  Refer to the outline to help you get started. In analyzing the works of a given artist, remember that your interpretation is not what is being graded: it the support of your interpretation. Do not worry that you are not a renowned art critic – you are writing about what you believe the artist has conveyed based on what you know and have discovered from the writings of others to be true of the artist. Your interpretation is the key. Consider the impact of an artist’s choice (or lack) of color or form, and how that relates to your thesis. Consider if a painting conveys weight, if a sculpture conveys mood, if a performance evokes social consciousness, or if a structure mimics motion. What does the work make you think and feel? This is the basis for your analysis.

I will provide the discussion thesis and the outline upon accepting the hand shake


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