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In this SAS Curriculum Pathways project you will conduct extensive research and prepare a series of journal entries to reflect on the Holocaust and the use of nuclear weapons in World War II.


To begin, follow this link to Project 393. If prompted, enter “melody9off” in the Student User Name then click “log in” to begin. (quick launch #393).


Create a word processing document titled “World War II Journal.” Follow the directions as outlined in Steps 1-6. Keep in mind that the questions in Steps 4 & 5 are just suggestions: You are not expected to answer those specific questions nor should you just copy them and avoid developing your own questions. Each journal entry should be a minimum of 300 words.


Remember, you are writing about either the Holocaust OR the use of nuclear weapons. Although the journals are personal reflections and may be written using “I,” you will still be graded on organization, critical thinking, and correct grammar.


Your essay should be formatted according to MLA guidelines, and include a Works Cited page at the end (not included in the page count).


Within the essay you should have a clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph and should include support from your research in the body paragraphs. All information used from research must be documented using appropriate MLA parenthetical reference to the sources listed on the Works Cited page.


Failure to document sources or include a Works Cited page will result in you having to re-do the assignment. 

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