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The Ideal Gas Company has built a stirred-tank chemical reactor with a paddle-type agitator. Dr. A. Quirk, head of the Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design Group, is attempting to determine why his group is unable to duplicate results obtained earlier with a bench-scale reactor. Some mixing tests performed with a chemical tracer show that circulation is set up in both the top and bottom parts of the reactor and that there is relatively little exchange of material between the two sections, as shown in part (a) of Figure.
I. M. Appelpolscher, head of the Systems Group, thinks that the reactor may be inadequately baffled. He asks you to write a set of equations (model) that describe transient changes in the outflow tracer concentration as a function of inflow tracer concentration (constant volume and no reaction)1 assuming that the reactor can be modeled as two separate tanks, each perfectly stirred, as in part (b) of Figure. State all additional assumptions, identify all variables, and report to Appelpolscher which parameters in your model will have to be obtained from physical experiments on the full-scale reactor

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