W2, Discussion 2: Logical Fallacies Example

Category: English



Initial Post Share a total of six different examples of logical fallacies, three from the fallacy exercises and three from your own observations. Make sure that each is an example of a different fallacy (not two or more examples of the same fallacy). Name the fallacy, provide the example, explain your reasoning. 

  • 3 of your examples must be from the logical fallacy exercises you completed
  • 3 of your examples must be from your own observations
    • pay attention to your everyday exchanges with those around you 
    • pay attention to the ads, posts, tweets, news sources, and the media you expose yourself to, mainstream or otherwise 
    • Note: There are plenty of websites that provide prepared examples of fallacies; I ask you to not use these sources for your initial post (but you can use them in your replies to your peers’ posts (see instructions below)  

Reply to two posts 

In your replies, review the examples provided by your peers, offer alternative interpretations and/or additional examples of the fallacies covered, either from the list of fallacy exercises you completed, from your own observations, or from examples found online. For online sources and examples, make sure to use the toolbar to link in the URL in order to cite your source. You can also use the toolbar to embed any images or videos that you referenced. (See Helpful Canvas Guides below)

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