Week – 4 – Assignment – Legal Regulation, Compliance and Invest

Category: Information System

Week 4 – Written Assignment

You are working as an IT security manager at one of the resorts in the state of Hawaii. The financial controller of the resort wants to roll out PCI-DSS compliance program at the resort; however, he does not have adequate knowledge about PCI-DSS. In your own words, write 1-2 pages to the financial controller and discuss the following topics.

· What is PCI-DSS?

· The purpose of PCI-DSS.

· What are the four merchant levels of PCI-DSS compliance? Please provide a brief description of each level. 

· Outline the six control categories of PCI-DSS. Please provide a brief description of each category.

The final document should include a cover page, body (1-2 pages), and references page. Please make sure to use APA format. Make sure to keep your SafeAssign score low. You should not exceed 30%. 

* No Plagiarism

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