400 words public health research (information bias)

Category: Applied Sciences

Due 6/19/19  9 p.m EST

400 words not including title and ref min 3

APA format  Check Grammar

Article attached


n your review and critique of the research of other public health professionals, you may find evidence not only of selection bias but of information bias as well. Information bias results from errors made in the collection of information obtained in a study. For example, participants’ self-report of their diet may be inaccurate for many reasons. They may not remember what they ate, or they may want to portray themselves as making healthier choices than they typically make. Regardless of the reason, the information collected is not accurate and therefore introduces bias into the analysis.

Knowing how to analyze information biases in reported research or your own studies allows you to assess whether or not you believe study results are valid given the information collected. This can guide the application of evidence-based practice as well as your own research agenda.

For this Discussion, you will be assigned one a article (attached; please submit your discussion posts individually. As you review the article you have been assigned, consider elements in the study design that might indicate information bias. Think about how the researchers did or did not guard against information biases in their study design.

 Post  an explanation of possible information bias in the study, including the effect that the measurement error may have had on study results and interpretation. Then explain whether or not information bias was effectively minimized in the study. Finally, provide one alternative method for minimizing information bias and explain how the method might minimize error.

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