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In a TED Talk presentation, you can take one of two paths:

  • describe a great basic idea and explain it in sufficient detail (with interesting examples) to help people change their ideas or beliefs or habits
  • explain something new or surprising that your audience doesn’t already know about

In either case, your TED Talk presentation should be short (4 minutes total).

The goal of this presentation is two-fold: to practice engagement techniques and to teach your audience something new (something new to them, not new to you). When using engagement techniques, this requires that you survey your skills and your topic and consider various ways to engage your audience: storytelling, using objects, increasing eye contact, asking questions, using your voice to express emotion (such as enthusiasm, surprise, joy), conveying your own thinking about a topic, pausing, etc. To teach your audience something new, you have to understand your audience: what do they know and care about and how can you get them to care about the thing that you care about? Think about your core stakeholders (student peers), their challenges, their interests, their values and beliefs. What can you teach them or tell them about that will allow you to connect with them?

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