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Wexly is a large publicly owned corporation which you are the president. When making decisions, do you make them to maximize stockholders’ wealth or for your personal gains? What actions could stockholders take to make sure the interest of both parties is served? What can influence management’s actions? 200 words with reference

INF 337 Ashford University Concept of Value & Management Discussion

Description Required Text: Venkataraman, R., & Pinto, J. (2008). Cost and value management in projects. Retrieved from  Required Reading: Read the following chapters in Cost and Value Management in Projects: Chapter 8: Value Management Required Article: Evans, M. (2013, October 31). Why value propositions are important (and how to create them) (Links to an […]

Jack Welch Management Institute Benefit Cost Analysis Discussion

Description Overview  In this assignment, you will take on the role of a senior member of the finance team assigned to lead the investment committee of a health care equipment manufacturer. Your team is evaluating a “make-versus-buy” decision that has the potential to improve the company’s competitiveness, but which requires a significant capital investment in […]

HRM 510 Strayer Univeristy Leadership Development Consolidated Products Paper

Description Assignment 1: Leadership Development – Consolidated Products Read the weekly assigned chapters and view the lectures/videos before beginning the assignment. Read the case study titled “Consolidated Product”, located at the end of Chapter 2, before starting this assignment. Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: Describe the leadership style that […]

Compute the future value in year 9 of a $2,000 deposit in year 1 and another $1,500 deposit at the end

FIN/370 week 2 Cash Flow Problem Sets   Complete the following problem sets from Chapter 5 in Microsoft® Excel®: 5-1 5-3 5-5 5-7 5-12 5-15 5-39 (Calculate monthly payment only)    5-1   FutureValue Compute the future value in year 9 of a $2,000 deposit in year 1 and another $1,500 deposit at the end of year 3 using a […]

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Assignment 2: Time Value of Money When the Genesis and Sensible Essential teams held their weekly meeting, the time value of money and its applicability yielded an extremely stimulating discussion. However, most of the team members from Genesis were very perplexed. Sensible Essentials decided the most expedient way to demonstrate how interest rates as well […]

BUSN 470 Regent University South Airlines Financial Position Questions

Description 1. What is the organization’s financial position and financial strategy – how do they make and invest their money? Pg. 194 2. What are the organization’s production and purchasing strategies? Pg. 199 3. What are the current strategies in the organization’s other functional areas HR, IS, etc)? Pg. 202 Approx: 400 Words At least […]

JWI 540 Strayer University Week 3 Topline Growth at CoreLogic Discussion

Question Description I need support with this Business question so I can learn better. Using the company you have selected for your Strategy Development Project, describe one way the company could generate substantial topline sales revenue growth. Is your suggestion an incremental/tactical action which might generate short-term growth but could be easily copied by competitors, […]

Career Discovery

Part 1 In a single Word document, prepare a professional trend review that would help prepare you for your professional future. A title page Table of contents An official professional autobiography A 250-word paper describing your career goals based on current trends Summary including how the courses taken will help prepare you for current professional […]

Business & Finance homework help

For this blog activity, you will select one of your favorite retail brands and create a blog post outlining the company’s stance on social responsibility and describing how this stance is incorporated into the company’s ethical practices with regard to its marketing strategy. First, watch the following videos: What Is Corporate Social Responsibility? Ethical Behavior […]