BUS 221 EGCC Is It Wrong with Taking Off Your Clothes to Earn Some Money Lesson Plan

Category: Business & Finance


Lesson 11 Assignment

Choose 5 questions to write about out of the following. No less than a one-page response.

  1. What—if anything—is wrong with taking off your clothes to earn some money?
  2. Is there an ethical difference between stripping for Playboy or Playgirl magazine and Reed’s disrobing? If so, what is it? If not, why are they ethically the same? Use the concepts of prurience and objectification to answer.
  3. Your boss wants to sleep with you, and it’s clear that visiting a hotel will help your career. What are the two arguments against? What’s an argument in favor?
  4. Some ethical theorists believe individual freedom and the pursuit of happiness are the highest ethical values. Why might this kind of theorist also favor wide-open market economies with competition among companies?
  5. What is a social paradigm shift?
  6. What are some legal substances that count as a drug at work? What are some illegal ones?
  7. What are some reasons an employee may want to use drugs at work?
  8. Justify in ethical terms the application of drug tests to employees of the aircraft maker Boeing.
  9. Can you provide your own example from the business world of an organization that is complicit with respect to employee drug use?
  10. Can you provide your own example from the business world of an organization that is enabling with respect to employee drug use?
  11. Why might Samaritanism diminish workplace pressure on employees to use drugs?
  12. What are the requirements for informed consent when it comes to employees accepting the organization’s invitation to use drugs?

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