” Case Study: Sony Pictures” Please respond to the following:

Category: Computer Science


Take the side of either SONY pictures or a hacker and answer the corresponding discussion questions.

  • Next, respond to someone who took the position of the other side (e.g., if you answered the questions in the SONY section, respond to a student who answered the question in the hacker section or vice versa).


▪  Setting aside the political issues between North Korea and the United States, is there a reasonable way to respond to an anonymous threat found on the Internet somewhere? What elements would you require before canceling the film if you were CEO of Sony? If you were CEO of a chain of theaters?

  • What access and data protection controls would you recommend Sony use to provide better security for unreleased digital films and e-mails?  


▪  If you were a hacker, what approach would you have used to break into Sony’s system?

▪  What do you think the most important SETA elements would be to prevent future hacker attacks against Sony or other media firms?

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