Applied Sciences

“the healthcare environment and financial statements” w3 discussion 2

  W3 Discussion 2: The Remainder of the Bill Healthcare Financial Management The Remainder of the Bill Due to rising costs, many individuals are no longer able to pay the remainder of the bill after insurance pays its portion. As a financial manager, should the provider collect the expected money up front or allow the […]

Research Methods

Debate the advantages and disadvantages of quantitative and qualitative research based on your research experiences. Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.” Friendly reminder to begin your Discussion Initial Post as early in the week as possible. […]

prompt 7

Prompt/Topic: Joseph is scheduled to have hip replacement surgery in four days. He has been waiting to have the surgery for several months and is hoping that after he recovers he will have better mobility and less pain. About three weeks ago, he developed a severe stomach virus. He vomited for four days and was […]

Organization and management of a health care facility

   Due November 18, 2018 Assignment 2: Organization and Management of a Health Care FacilityDue Week 7 and worth 200 points Your duties at 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital require you to interface with many different professionals, including physicians, nurses, and allied professionals in various areas of health care. The facility also has a […]

Building Brand loyalty

  Building brand loyalty to a company is no longer about a single transaction. More often than not, brand loyalty is built through a series of touch points that involve the customer in a variety of ways. Companies  utilize sophisticated strategies and software to measure the impact of the customer experience on their brand loyalty.  […]


HSA 520 EXAM PART 1 ONLY (TWO DIFFERENT VERSION POSTED MAKING 60 QUESTIONS) Version 1Exam 1 An information-inquiring culture has transparent: information discovery. Core values. direct reports. accounting and finances. The genesis of Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) goes back to the roots of numerous areas, including: computing privacy. information economics multidimensional data sets. medical […]

Short essay for my fire prevention class.

  write a minimum of a 1000 Word APA 6th edition formatted paper using the textbook, America Burning, America Burning Revisited, America at Risk, the internet as well as professional journals, articles and other academically recognized sources on the following topic: address the historical progression of the fire problem in the United States. Identify and delineate on […]

Fungus Hacks Review

Orthopedic shoe inserts are   Fungus Hacks Review devices placed inside your shoe to help you avoid or ease foot pain. They help by moving the pressure away from certain parts of the foot which may already be experiencing pain. In other words, these devices redistribute the weight and burden placed on the feet by a […]

MHA 5101 Unit VIII Course Project: Medical staff credentialing

 MHA 5101 Unit VIII Course Project   The course project provides you with an opportunity to choose one medical law or medical ethics issue of special interest and to study that issue at a deeper level for further understanding and application. This five to seven page (double-spaced) paper must critically analyze the issues related to […]

Hi300 unit 3 discussion post 1

  Healthcare Information Systems Find two healthcare information systems described or demonstrated on the internet. Briefly illustrate each system. Make a list of the features the systems have in common. What are the features that differ? For which types of facilities are the systems designed? Would these internet sites be helpful to an organization investigating […]

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