Policy Writing and Analysis

Policy Writing and Analysis Write a 3–5 page policy brief: Gun violence is on the minds of many Americans. Using the key structural elements (for example, background checks are needed), encourage politicians to work with interests group to formulate the language and set the agenda. Then mobilize support in and outside Congress to advocate for […]

What is the relationship to what Tocqueville called “democratic despotism?

In this assignment, you have the opportunity to practice the citizenship skills of critical reading, writing, thinking, and political vision. Theme 4: Ideas About Equality and Liberty Do you see the biblical, republican, liberal, and democratic themes at work? How do these themes give different meanings to the terms “equality” and “liberty?” Where do you […]

State Agency Initiative Project

  Interview (by phone or in person) a local, state, or non-profit public administrator, or political leader. Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, of 8 to 10 slides not including the title, and reference slides, with speaker notes, in which you complete the following: Explain using a theory or model a public nonprofit administrator’s or political leader’s perspective of public policy […]

Creating Your Ideal State

  Your country just overthrew its dictator, and you are the newly elected President. Unfortunately, due to the divisions in the country and the years of war, economic, military, and political structures are non-existent. A group of loyalists to the old dictator have been detonating bombs, murdering civilians, assassinating leaders, and terrorizing towns with help […]

Part 1/4 – 3 Page Public Agency Paper

Refer to the Attached scenario – Write a three to four (3) page paper, titled “Rationale and Analysis for Agency Selected, Part 1” Provide background information about the agency’s key historical events, mission, and goals / objectives. (Title this section “Introduction”) Describe at least three (3) functions of this agency, highlighting the public it serves. […]

US Supreme Court

Required Resources Magstadt, T. M. (2017). Understanding politics: Ideas, institutions, and issues. Australia: Cengage Learning. Initial Post InstructionsUsing the Supreme Court’s website, research one case that deals with a contentious issue of your choice. (These issues can be racial discrimination, right to bear arms, same-sex marriage, hate speech, suicide, etc.) After finding a case, describe […]

Intelligence Assessments

Identify potential online open sources that may be used by both the protection professional and the aggressor to perform intelligence assessments, and in the case of the protection professional, threat assessments. Provide an example (that has not already been posted by another student). Lastly, describe the components of the Design Basis Risk Management/Assessment Model? The […]

Conflict Analysis and Resolution

For this forum, access Once on the Internet site: 1. Click on Peace Programs (Top Bar)2. Click on Conflict Resolution Programs (Top Bar)3. On the right bar, under Conflict Resolution Program Links, click on Activities by Countries Within this site, there are 11 country or region case studies in which the Carter Center has served as a mediator. Selecting one country, provide a […]

Roe Vs. Wade Supreme court Case

Write a 1000-word essay giving an analysis of the case by analyzing the reasoning of justices and the impact of case on society.  Include the date argued and date decided. Give facts of the case by telling the story that created a constitutional issue to bring before supreme court by stating what the issue is. […]

American political thought

Instructions: Write your answers in a Word document. Double space your answers and use spell check before you submit. Be sure to include your name at the top of the page. You must ground each part of your response in course readings with complete citations (Author Date, Page Number). You may use your skills papers […]