Computer Assessment

Category: Computer Science

This project lets you look at the computer you are using to determine its’ capabilities and abilities, as there is a lot of variation available. Read this all through to the end once before you try it.

2. First, determine and write down the following hardware information about your computer:

  1. What type –  WIndows, Mac or Chromebook is it? Who was the manufacturer and what is the model?
  2. What is the type of processor (CPU) and what is the CPU speed and number of cores?
  3. How much RAM is on your computer?
  4. How large is the hard drive (or SSD, if you have one instead)?
  5. Does it have an optical storage device? What type?
  6. How large is the monitor screen? What is the maximum video resolution available? What graphics processor or card is used?
  7. Does it have a touchscreen? A webcam? Bluetooth?
  8. What sound/audio hardware does your computer have?
  9. How many external ports (where you can plug things in) does it have, and what types are they?
  10. What OS is it running?

3. Now, consider all of the above and write a detailed, several sentence answer to each of the following, stating a position and defending it with arguments/evidence. These are worth 10 points each, so be thorough!
  * You may have to do some research on the Internet to find useful information for these.
  * These questions refer to your hardware “right now, as is” – not if you get some extra parts or upgrades. You may need to add software but that’s NOT a part of the question.

  A. Can your computer be used for everyday average operations such as writing a paper, surfing the web and purchasing items and sending E-Mails?
  B. Can your computer be used for video conferencing with a group?
  C. Can your computer be used to play the latest, high performance, most powerful video game available?
  D. You’re in a band and you have fellow musicians and equipment and even cameras. Can your computer be used to create a professional music video track (“song”)  for sale?
     (More then just point a phone cam at a performance and post it on YouTube.)

4. Your project will be graded according to the following rubric:

Max Points Possible
10 numbered questions each answered completely, reasonably and accurately, 2 point each
4 lettered questions, each answered completely, reasonably and accurately, 10 points each

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