Category: Law

FOR THE CRIMINAL ( Name will be given when bid is accepted)  DO THE FOLLOWING 

1. Identify and present   significance of: (Use these headings) the criminals 

A. childhood , B. Late-adolescence,  C. Early 20’s , D. Family Influence

2. Diagnosis/treatment   (Meds if prescribed) 

3. Substance Abuse/ alcohol involved?

4. The Infamous Act/   Traumatic event/ Crime 

5. Incarceration/ Jail 

6. Death or current circumstances

7. How are all the above   events tied together? 

8.  How do the effects of an underlying   (often untreated) Mental Illness contribute to a Human Being’s demise? 

9. What characteristics of a   serial Killer do you see in your criminal? for example is it (Antisocial behavior, Arson, Torturing small   animals, Poor family life, Childhood Abuse, Substance abuse, Voyeurism,   Intelligence [hi or low], Shiftlessness).  

10. Where could health care personnel/teachers have   intervened in this child’s life to prevent this tragedy? 1 Paragraph of Your opinion.

 11.  Wanted poster To show.

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