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Identify two developmental  experiences you have had that may have strengthened your ability to  lead. What did those experiences teach you and how have you shared what  you have learned with others? Be specific.

Post 1

Developmental experience assists individuals in taking up demanding 

assignments that gives learning and leadership opportunity. It is 

individual’s responsibility to utilize the opportunity to full potential

 to get better hands on experience. With developmental assignments 

brings the challenging responsibility were the individuals across the 

situation where he/she has never dealt before (Day,2010).  There have 

been two such situations where I got the opportunity for developmental 

experience which I handled it well as my manager appreciated for the 

work, she delegated to me. One of the instances was to train new colleagues and supervise 

them during onboarding process. I took this responsibility seriously and

 utilized this opportunity to manage a team of six members to train them

 in place of my lead who was on vacation for two weeks. I help the new 

colleagues to understand the new process by giving them thorough 

training for two weeks and mentoring them till they get comfortable with

 the new process. At the end of two weeks I was able to manage and train

 all the new employees and also, I was able to learn many things about 

the recent regulatory guidelines from them by discussing with them. I 

effectively delegated the work to new employees based on their strength 

and weakness which helped me to finish the project on time. I was fortunate enough to get second opportunity for developmental

 experience in my current organization. I had the responsibility to do 

process improvement as the current process was very traditional which 

took lot of time with limited accuracy. It was a huge task where I would

 need a team of 5 members to finish the project on time. My manager was 

kind enough to allocate the resources which I requested for. My team 

members brainstormed and came up with great ideas using proven 

technology which will be helpful for speeding medical review process. 

Higher management were convinced to replace the current process with the

 new one. My manager appreciated me for completing this innovation 

project on time.  My team members had the sense of inclusion and they 

felt valued in the team when they were recognized and appreciated. This 

experience helped me in teaching to effectively use democratic 

leadership principles were the team members are valued for their work 

and ideas.I need 150 words reply for this post

Post 2 

The most effective leaders create their own unique experiences by taking calculated risks  that

 put them into situations that challenge their thinking, expand their 

perspective, make them feel vulnerable, and enable them to mature 

throughout the process. It is only through the unique and diverse 

experiences throughout one’s career that a leader can fully appreciate 

and adapt to the more entrepreneurial, strategically focused and 

forward-thinking mindset shift (Llopis, 2014). I

 would like to share one experience from my current workplace. I am so 

proactive handling the customers and same time taking any other 

responsibilities in addition. I have taken initiative to train new 

recruits, taking additional responsibility. This was observed by my 

manager and he recognized a leader in me. I was appreciated for 

motivating and mentoring my peers whenever needed. Our pharmacy director

 has three pharmacies in different locations in New York. Whenever there

 is a new recruit in any of these locations, I was asked to train them 

for few days. My skills like discipline, mentoring, and taking 

initiative has proved that I have the ability to take on a leadership 

role. I was given great opportunities to prove myself, that I have 

utilized them to the fullest by putting into action. From the supportive

 environment I have learned from manager and other peers that, if given 

opportunity without showing immoral behavior anyone can prove their 

talent and give their best to the company. My

 one more experience is my real motivation and initial step that I 

recognized leadership qualities in me. During my under graduation 3rd

 year, there was a fest conducted in our college that was planned huge 

way inviting around forty plus colleges in our state. Since the 

beginning of my college I am very shy and never participated or took 

initiative to talk or share my opinions in public. My best friend was 

the organizing the paper presentation event for the fest. I am with him 

from the beginning and helping him contacting colleges, sending 

invitations and selecting the presentations from hundreds of papers we 

received. Unfortunately, due to some family emergency, my friend has to 

leave the town and go to his hometown and join his family. He believed 

that I could handle this and encouraged me to conduct this event taking 

the lead handing it over to me. Though I was not confident and filled 

with fear, I don’t have an option than to help my friend when needed. In

 this crisis I have set my mind and took it as a challenge and was able 

to coordinate with other friends and form a team to organize the event. 

The event was a great success and all my professors appreciated me and 

gave compliments that they never thought that I am such capable. From 

this I have learned that observing and listening and commitment to the 

mission at hand will make us strong and bring leader with in us. During 

this experience, I have learned that a good friend and collaborative 

support from members can be our personal strengths that can make us 

handle any problem or situation.I need 150 words for this post.……

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