Discussion: it security – phishing

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You arrive at work, open your email, and see this:

Employment Opportunity!!!

This Job is currently recruiting. A Job that will not affect your presents employment or studies, fun and rewarding. You get to make up to $300 weekly, I tried it and i made cool cash, If You are interest you can visit their website at http://getacoolJobreallyfast.work to apply and read more about the job.

Best Regards,
Human Resources and Benefits
Pyramid Placement Agency
5555 Fifth St.
Anytown, US 11111
HR&[email protected]

There are many things in this example that let you know this is not a real opportunity for employment, but more likely an opportunity for someone to gain access to your computer and your company’s private information. However, real-world attempts are not always this obvious and can take many forms. Social engineering, phishing, malware, spoofing, hacking, and card skimming are all risks to our personal and business information.

In your discussion post, consider the scenario presented here, or a real-world example of phishing, as you respond to the following:

  • Describe indicators you can use to identify a phishing email.
  • Explain the importance of employee knowledge concerning phishing attempts.
  • Provide several recommendations for information security practices that could be implemented to limit the risks and impact of phishing emails.

When responding to your peers, provide an additional suggestion for an information security practice they did not identify, and explain how your suggested practice would deter or reduce the impact of phishing within the company.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.

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