Discussion Questions


Quickly look at the graphical display of information in this article from the Environmental Research Journal. What can you interpret from a quick overview of the titles and graphics only? Now read the conclusion and discuss if/how your view of the graphical information changes in context. Discuss the ramifications of taking graphical data out of context and what one needs to consider in order to preserve the integrity of the graphical message if it appears without the original explanatory text.




After much consideration, your organization has come to the conclusion that it believes additional funding is needed in the EPA’s budget to combat smog in cities across the United States. You are the Policy Director for your organization, and part of your responsibility is to effectively communicate why this policy change is needed. In this Discussion topic explain how you will make sure that your staff will be effective in communicating your organization’s recommendation to both Congressional staff and the media by detailing three communication strategies your staff will use. Finally, please explain any similarities or differences you believe there are between communicating to Congressional staff and the media.

I need 300 words per question. Article attached for 1st question. Need as soon as possible.

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