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This term, we have been exploring how arts and humanities-based

  Final Reflection Due Sunday, June 7th This term, we have been exploring how arts and humanities-based approaches can be used to critically engage with environmental issues.  This final reflection is an opportunity to consider how your fellow students have done just that!  For this assignment, please do the following: 1.  Take some time to […]

Db | Environmental science homework help

  500 words   Read the narrative and the links included in the narrative. Answer the following reading comprehension question:  From the case study, what types of arguments/techniques do both Bert Brackett and Jon Marvel use to try to prove their point? Are there ways to move science beyond a political debate to formulate sound environmental policy, […]

There are 2 science assignments due in 24 hours

2 SCIENCE ASSIGNMENTS DUE IN 24 HOURS    ASSIGNMENT 1 Sustainable Living Guide Contributions: Sustaining Biodiversity and Ecosystems Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 1 and 2 in the course textbook. The purpose of this assignment is twofold: first, to enable you to explore a term (concept, technique, place, etc.) related to […]

Scientific method extra credit | Environmental science homework help

  Watch the class presentation slides from Monday April 20 in Panopto, and answer the following question about the steps used in the Scientific Method process: How does an observation differ from a hypothesis? Give a detailed description to compare these steps and provide an example to illustrate what these steps involve.

according to rob nixon, what is “slow violence” and what challenges

  Week 5: E-response to Nixon, 99% Invisible, and Hashimoto For this week’s e-response, please read Rob Nixon’s Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor Actions, listen to 99% Invisible’s “Ten Thousand Years (Links to an external site.),” watch Isao Hashimoto’s three short films (linked below), and answer the following questions: 1.  According to Rob Nixon, […]

Bis 332 a: reaction paper 1

  Reaction Paper 1 Re-submit Assignment Due Apr 26 by 11:59pm Points 50 Submitting a file upload Reaction Papers Objectives Course readings present an important and necessary supplement to our lectures and discussions. This assignment aims to help you develop greater understandings on course materials by seriously and intellectually engaging with these reading materials. Specifically, […]

Week 4/1 | Environmental science homework help

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Discussion module 5 species | Environmental science homework help

In keeping with the environmental concerns this week, discuss your initial reaction to the following statement. “Eventually, all species become extinct. Thus, it does not really matter that the passenger pigeon is extinct and that the whooping crane and the world’s remaining tiger species are endangered mostly because of human activities.” Do you agree or […]

Markerting research paper | Environmental science homework help

  Follow the guidelines of a professional report which includes the following:   The  final project for this course is to combine the information gained from  a quantitative survey and a qualitative focus group into one cohesive  10 to 15 page, double-spaced report that addresses a research objective.   œ The cover page  can contain graphics. […]

300 word answer | Environmental science homework help

Chapter 8 in Tietenberg and Lewis looks at climate change, the most important environmental issue of our time. Economists generally agree that putting a price on carbon is the best approach to reducing climate warming carbon emissions. The two main strategies for doing this are carbon taxes and the cap and trade version of emissions […]