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11  page paper, 10 references, chicago format.

Various mental illnesses of Rome emperors….Either chose one emperor or talk about various emperors in imperial Rome.

Research Paper Requirements
Title Page – include a creative, but relevant, title page, with the title of your paper, your full name, your instructor’s name, the course code, and the date of submission.
Formatting – assignments must be typed in Arial or Times New Roman font, size 12, with 1.5 line spacing. Pages must be numbered (bottom right corner).
Text – Your assignment must be well written and well structured. Please be sure to proof-read for spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Word Count – students must declare a word count at the end of the paper (print screen). The word limit for this assignment is 3000.
Illustrations – if you are using visual images, please include illustrations. These should be numbered within the body of the text (Fig.1) or placed in an Appendix (A) and fully cited with the name of the object, current museum location, and accession number. You must also cite the source of your illustrations (i.e. museum website, catalogue, book, etc.). Please ensure all images are good quality (high resolution and colour, if available).
Ancient Sources – if you are referencing ancient sources, you must include both the original Greek/Latin and English translation, placed either in the footnotes or in an Appendix (B), and fully cited according to the Oxford Classical Dictionary.
Modern Sources – you must have at least 10 secondary, scholarly sources. Be sure to properly reference your sources, in the footnotes and bibliography.
Bibliography – include as the last page of your research paper. Please use the Chicago MoS format. 


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